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I can see you tried to make this animation funny, and it is funny, especially the end! You did a good job.

EDIT: I also loved that you used my song for the intro. I was shocked after I saw the sign that said 'Heard in 1 Entry!'

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

Thank you! I like to find songs in the audio portal, and use them, and always credit!

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Wow, this game is really interesting. I really like that you used my Fur Elise remix in there. This is a great job I must say.

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This really fits the vibe on what you were going for, the instruments fit well, I like it!

Very epic, emotional, really well-orchestrated; you have a really great arrangement here!

This is really interesting, and I like it. Pretty unique; I like how you used some sounds that aren't normally used for lo-fi hip-hop and they still sound good together. Maybe they could be used for lo-fi hip-hop; I could be wrong.

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That looks pretty scary honestly, but it is really cool!

The animation style reminds me a lot of Charlie Brown and I love it! It's a great animation.

Hello everyone, you can call me 'Vista Sounds', I'm unique, I'm a musican, I like 'Wii' series games and I play geometry dash. Here, you will see songs made by me. I'm not the best musician, but I try my best. I hope you like my songs. :)

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